New beginnings

It’s universal, isn’t it, this need to be known? So we find an arena in which we can excel, or at least be noticed, and set off to make a name for ourselves.

It can be in anything, really. On the positive side, some of us make our achievements in sports, in fine arts and the dramatic arts, in politics, in civic affairs, . . . there is no end to the list. Others seek their fame in more nefarious climes. Some of us try to write. I’m never too sure whether this is a positive or nefarious pursuit, but I do it anyway.

In 1986, after completing a project as chief editor on a friend’s book of poetry, I swore vehemently that the “next time” it would be my own book. In spite of sinking eleven months of my life into a project for which I would very probably reap no benefits except the experience I gained, I did it with the enthusiasm of an explorer in a virgin land. By the time I finished, I was sure that I had been insane from the moment I had conceived of the notion of publishing my friend’s book. None of my previous experience seems to have had any influence when several years later I plunged headlong into another editorial project of a second book of poetry for a different friend.

Having twice stumbled into the world of publishing, I came away convinced that there had to be an easier way and that the “next time,” if I was ever insane enough to try a “next time,” it would be my own words, not those of someone else. So far, I have stayed true to that conviction and have only published my own work. Perhaps, I am learning.

I would like to invite you to join me in seeing what wonders we can discover along the road before us. Hopefully, you find the journey to your liking!

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