2002/11/01 | TO LOVE WELL

Walking into the future

To love well. To touch the most tender, most intimate parts of another person’s life. To have the privilege of sharing the greatest joys and deepest sorrows. To experience the tremendous nurturing of one’s soul that comes from sharing so intimately with another. This is to know the Divine Beauty, the Heavenly Design of how a man was made to complete a woman and a woman was made to become one with the man.

There is no greater privilege, no higher beauty than this. And it is the highest and greatest, the most sublime, the most precious divine gift we have been given. With the possible exception of the bond between a parent and child, no other bond comes even remotely close in intensity. No other relationship demonstrates the ready willingness of a man and a woman to lay down their lives for each other – not just in the big things, but also in the small courtesies and accommodations of day-to-day life. It is to experience the best of heaven here on earth.

– J. E. Clark
1 November 2002

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