The Lonely Road / Trey Ratcliff / http://www.stuckincustoms.com

How my heart aches for you!
How dull and gray
These sunlit skies become
Because you’ve left this life behind
And passed beyond our reach, . . .
Our sight, . . . our call.

How small and bleak our world
Where nevermore your velvet voice is heard,
Its gentle, southern drawl
Slides smoothly through the air
In some sweet moment of delight,
Your laughter ringing, . . .
Fading, . . . quiet.

How great is our distress!
How unfathomable our loss!
How unquenchable our pain!

Your beauty now forever lost to us,
Your broken, tender heart,
Which gave most generously to all,
Has beat its last and, in so doing,
Flung you forth
To realms we do not know . . .
And cannot find . . . .

We tumble to the ground
Like weeping children
Scouring the faces of all we see
For that familiar visage
Whose very essence is security and peace.
Yet, only strangers do we find
And, rushing here and there,
Each disappointment adds
A layer to our fears
Until we know the horrifying truth —
You are no longer here.

Then wounded silence settles
On our breaking hearts
As inwardly our souls
Bow headlong to the ground,
The only surcease able to the task . . .
The Master’s touch.

– J. E. Clark / 20 August 2009

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