Hippodrome, Constantinople, Turkey / CREDITS: http://www.wikimedia.org

Oh, how I love Thee!
How my heart swells with joy for Thee!
From thy first glance unto thy last
Such happiness has
Filled my heart, my life
That I can scarce contain its depth.

You have been the morning sun,
Bright shining in a cloudless sky;
Your voice, the dulcet sounds
Of heaven’s music to my ears;
Your smile, your laughter
As the draught of life;
Your smell, the incense
Which perfumes the air I breathe.

What Paradise I sought
Was found within your arms;
Our nights of love were
Jewel’s in angel’s crowns;
Your sweet caress,
The bow upon my strings,
Each touch, a concert
Making mountains ring!

It well may be
That some dark night
Will come upon my soul
To rob me of this joy,
But let these words remain
A monument to thee, my King!

– J. E. Clark / 10 December 2010


Cenotaph – A tomb or a monument erected in honour of a person or group of persons whose remains are interred elsewhere. The word derives from the Greek words kenos, “empty” and taphos, “tomb.”


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