The mantle of the darkness falls over the landscape
As descending silence blocks all I might hear,
My pounding heart echoes in the gathering stillness
Straining toward footsteps that never draw near.

Each grief-stricken moment grinds painfully onward
Quenching the noise of the street’s earthy din,
Training all senses to capture your presence,
Listening for footfalls where you’ve never been.

Amid deepened silence, I claw for a lifeline,
A signal this sadness will draw to an end,
But madness engulfs hope like night fading twilight,
Despair giving way to the darkness again.

My heart’s gaping wounds lie exposed to the moonlight,
Shiv’ring and quiv’ring in the night’s cold, damp air,
Awaiting your coming with love’s expectation,
Fearing the grief that I surely must bear.

As feeble hope rises to greet a new morning,
Reality brings forth an ocean of pain,
I struggle to stand up and walk to a future
Unknown and uncertain, filled with black rain.

Night following day moves relentlessly onward,
A noiseless void under a blackened sky
Giving way to the tormented, unanswered question,
The damning, accusative, invective, “Why?”

Unhindered torture in the gauntlets continues,
Taking this beaten and battered half-shell,
Tear-stained and fear-reigned, the battle advances,
Dragging my soul through the portals of hell.

Prostrate, delirious, bedraggled and moaning,
Endlessly whimp’ring, confused and alone,
Bereft of my lover, my sunlight, my morning
Who lies in the ground as cold as a stone.

– J. E. Clark / 9 January 2011

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