CNN: CBS Correspondent Assaulted in Egypt

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(CNN) — A CBS correspondent was brutally attacked Friday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the network said in a statement released Tuesday.

Lara Logan, 39, was covering celebrations for a “60 Minutes” story, the network said, when a frenzied mob of about 200 people surrounded her, her crew and their security team. Separated from the others in the chaos, Logan was surrounded, beaten and sexually assaulted, the statement said.

A group of women and about 20 Egyptian soldiers intervened to rescue the correspondent, the network said.

Logan reconnected with her team and returned to her hotel, CBS said. She returned Saturday to the United States, where she has been hospitalized.

CBS said it would have no further comment and that Logan and her family requested privacy.


By now, many of us have heard the shocking news that CBS Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan was brutally assaulted in Tahrir Square in Cairo on Friday, 11 February. Much can and will be said about these events.

As believers, what is our responsibility in how we respond to this news? Because we do have a responsibility to respond. A great deal is being made about whether she should have been in Tahrir Square and the Egyptian history of violence against women. New cries against Muslims and Muslim violence are being heard in the streets and on the Internet. Do we join in with the anger which is directed at those who did not take part in this horrific attack, yet  are  fellow countrymen and possibly share the faith of the attackers? Or do we publicly take a stand to defend the innocent against such attacks?

Below is my reply to outraged Christian friends on Facebook. What has happened to Ms. Logan is reprehensible. But for us to go after and trash people who had nothing to do with her attackers  — indeed, some of whom intervened to save her life — is wrong and has no place in the life of believers.


As horrific and reprehensible as this story is – and it doesn’t get much worse than this – there is no way to identify Ms. Logan’s attackers as Muslims, as likely as that may be. The crowd in Tahrir Square was made up of pro-democracy protesters who were celebrating, criminals who were taking advantage of the chaos, those who opposed the pro-democracy movement, and others. There were several Western journalists who were targeted for attacks, not only because they were journalists, but also because they were from Western countries. The logic seemed to be to take the direct approach and attack the journalists. It would certainly be front page news that way.

We have a choice. We can go around hating Muslims and blame all of them for every despicable act committed by any of them or we can put the blame squarely on the people who commit the acts, not their countrymen or other people who share their faith.

In reality, what we are seeing is the way the battle with Satan is being played out in the lives of mankind. This isn’t the kind of thing we get presented in a nice neat package with three points and a conclusion on Sunday morning when we can cluck and shake our heads at the tragedy of it all, then shake the pastor’s hand on our way to Olive Garden for lunch. This is raw, hard core, to the death, spiritual warfare of the highest order. All those warnings and prophesies we read in Scripture that tell us what is going to happen? This is what one of those stories looks like on the evening news.

Is it horrific? Yes, but instead of being shocked by it and withdrawing into the nice comfortable shells of our lives, what we need to do is to go to school on it and the rest of what we are seeing. We cannot be prepared for the battle that is here and coming unless we can get over acting like scared children and get ourselves trained for battle.

In order for people to commit acts like this, they must give themselves over to Satan, whether that choice took place at that moment or has followed a lifetime of compromise. And it is not just the “bad people” who do these things. Every single one of us is capable of doing things just as reprehensible except for the working of G-d’s grace and mercy in our lives.

What we should be doing at this moment is praying like there is no tomorrow, not only for Ms. Logan, her family and colleagues, but for Egyptians and Muslims as well. They are dying without the hope of the Son of G-d to save them and they will go to hell if something does not happen in their lives to change their hearts. We cannot be effective warriors to intercede for them in these situations if we nurture hate toward them in our hearts.

No one said this is going to be easy.

I have Egyptian friends who are Coptic and some who are Muslim, as well as other friends in the Muslim community. All are good people. My life was also been directly touched by the first bombing in 1993 at the WTC. As a rape survivor, I know what I have gone through over the last 32 years and it doesn’t even begin to touch what Ms. Logan may have to face. My heart is broken for her.

We need to pray for these people and this developing situation. We need to call down all the Power of heaven itself to fight for these people and drive Satan out. We need to call down Power for these people to come to faith in the G-d who made them and accept the life-giving atonement that was made for them by Yeshua’s blood. We need to call for G-d to expose the minions of Satan at work and send them back to hell where they came from. We need to ask G-d for guidance, for wisdom, knowledge and discernment for these people and for ourselves as we go forward. We need to ask G-d to pour His Spirit out on our President and our government so that they make the right decisions and establish the right policies. We need to pray for and to do whatever else G-d wants us to do in this situation, then do it immediately. And we need to ask Him in Yeshua’s name to do it all.

Why don’t we step in the gap here and hold these people and this situation up? They could really use it.

— J. E. Clark / 16 February 2011

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