leonid-meteor-shower_46percentIt has always been here.
Like ballast dragged astern,
The dread this day portends
Has floated on the streams of life.
Its aging memories boom like thunder,
More loud and violent
Than storm-tossed midnight skies
Filled with humid, fetid air
Which lays so heavy on the breast
One scarce can breathe.

Five years . . .
Where has it gone?
These days
Since life forever changed,
Since sunlight dimmed,
Since the eternal flame last burned
Upon your hearth.

Your voice is stilled,
Your laughter no longer rings,
Your face no longer shines
To see the morning light.

My fingertips still feel
The touch of brow and cheek,
The calloused hand in mine,
Your sweet caress.

Life returned to me in time,
The laughter rings again
Within my walls,
My bitter tears have dried,
The white-hot pain of grief
Has faded some within my soul,
Your presence touches mine
More rarely than in days remembered.

Yet, still they come,
These times when
Your sweet soul
Walks close with mine,
When I can hear your thoughts,
And find your comfort drawing near.

I grieve your loss, its weight
The constant footnote to my life
The wound which never heals
But seeps its drops of blood
Into the gulf that never will be filled.

Nay, romantic grief I carry not
Within in the dusky, noisy streets,
Its hidden mantle few do see
Amidst the clamour of the life
That swirls and twirls around
Like fairy dust upon the wind.

No bravery wraps these tears
To gild their diamond drops
With noble virtue
Emblazoned upon the sky
Like meteor showers in the night.

My heart, my soul which longs
And yearns to see you live again
Is but a tiny temple to one who was,
Who touched us all
And made the world to sing.

– J. E. Clark / 30 June 2014

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