I have always built into my life a great deal of “down time,” unstructured time to let my mind roam free, learn what is inside of me and outside of me, listen to the Voice within my heart, imagine, plan, design, and try out a thousand different scenarios of how to approach life. It is my belief that all people, especially all children, need such time in order to become whole and live to their greatest potential.

In this day and age, we have become so taken with our children meeting the benchmarks society has set in order for them to be seen as “successful,” “well-adjusted,” “up with the times” that we have totally lost sight of the fact they are children, not adults, and need time to develop, not be driven relentlessly 24/7/365.

Development is creation and requires imagination as imagination requires time and focus. If we are not giving our children the time and tools to do this, then we are robbing them of the most basic foundation which they need to build their lives.

The following article by Jacqueline at the Deep Roots at Home blog discusses in depth the needs of children which nurture their development and the differences between the ways we are raising our children in a highly technologically driven culture in relation to our heritage, the historical ways children have been raised in past generations. She concludes that in our rush to forward and equip our children for the future in which they will live, we are failing to nurture the foundational skills they will need in order to live a healthy, well-rounded life where they can successfully relate to those around them. I agree with her.

What are your thoughts???

Are We Starving The Hearts Of Our Children?

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  1. I completely agree. We have a comparatively low tech house with far less screen time than most. With two sons I have come to realize how important it is for boys to be outside, in the woods, to discover the real world.


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