In the above undated article from 2014 on MrConservative.com, Kanye West says that he leaving the US permanently due to the ignorance and blatant racism we have in this country. Evidently, what pushed the issue over the top for Mr. West was a racially fueled encounter with a teenager and his wife over the fact she married someone of another race. Mr. West’s response was to punch the teen in the face, something which only served to escalate the situation to the point where the teen issued a death threat against Ms. Kardashian. One can only wonder what would have happened if Mr. West had not resorted to violence.

It is not exactly a bulletin that the US is racist. It has been since its inception. We established this country under the premise that it was moral to enslave people from Africa whom we considered no better than animals and to count them as less than human, just 3/5ths of a person, for the purposes of the census. The usage of the “n-word” is nothing new, nor is the abuse and oppression of blacks and other people of colour.

That Mr. West has chosen to declare his intent to leave the country because he is not going to have his daughter subjected to the inherent racism in much of the US culture makes it sound like he has just discovered this heinous set of circumstances exists and is going to nobly withdraw his family to a position of safety. This preys on the idea that we would both understand his response and feel that his solution was prudent.

In reality, Mr. West has long known this country has some very strong racist roots and that his marrying a woman who is white and fathering children of mixed race would inevitably lead to conflict and confrontation. In my opinion, that is what gives evidence that rather than being genuinely affronted, which surely has happened long before this moment in history, Mr. West is instead grandstanding and playing the race card. So, a racist outburst from a teenager spawns racial violence on the part of Mr. West (an adult) and somehow this is supposed to demonstrate the intractability of the problems and support the rationale that Mr. West, the alleged victim in this case, truly has no other option but to withdraw from this frightful sewer of racism and negativity which he is incapable of explaining to his daughter.

It is beyond comprehension that one offensive, mouthy teenager has produced sufficient confrontation and poses such a danger to Mr. West and his family that he would willingly give up living for the rest of his life in the country in which he was born. It seems much more likely that by leaving the country, he seeks to avoid legal prosecution for assault and to produce an image of martyrdom that he does not deserve.

If Mr. West wanted to do something truly useful to combating racism and the social blight that comes from the institutionalised economic inequality, he could roll up his sleeves, take his celebrity status and his millions, then do something to benefit the people who really do need his help and the help of our entire community. There are a myriad of ways in which he could do this, such as:

    • Lead by example. Rather than assault the young man who insulted his daughter, he could reach out to him and work on building rapport.
    • Provide needed educational supplies and develop new educational programs.
    • Support current job training programs and the development of new ones.
    • Open libraries and recreation centers that have been closed in disadvantaged communities.
    • Work to strengthen peaceful community relations between ethnically diverse populations.

These are just a few possibilities. But rather than choose any of these, he has chosen to whine about something we should all know is fact of American life.

What a tremendous waste of opportunity!

What a graphic demonstration of what is actually more important to Mr. West!

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