What is Ha Kehila?

Ha Kehila recounts the story of Ya’akov and Magda Schwartz who live in the middle of the Orthodox community in suburban Baltimore, Maryland with their two children, Ariel, age 14, and Hadassah, age 10. Ya’akov is an accountant for his company. Magda is a seamstress and stay-at-home mother. Their children are students in their neighbourhood Hebrew school, where Ariel is in ninth grade and Hadassah is in fourth. While the extended Schwartz family cover the spectrum of  Judaism, Ya’akov and Magda are conservative in their traditions and are of Sephardic origin.

Why use a vignette?

Each vignette is designed to portray different aspects of family and community life throughout the year, telling enough of the story to engage the reader, yet leaving enough of the story untold to allow the reader to meditate on the points presented.

Why are the stories dated using the Parasha for the week?

Ha Kehila’s goal is to stimulate discussion and meditation, so it is geared to integrate the weekly readings in addition to the points presented. Some of the stories will reference the readings for the week and each will list the readings at the end of the story.




HA KEHILA: SHMINI 5771 (Published 2011/02/25)


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